Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back For A Blog

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog.  Some of it was due to all the court stuff going on and then not really wanting to write about it, the other reason has been that due to all of my financial issues, I don’t currently have internet at the house that I am staying at, nor do I have any funds to get it installed.  It has been insane how our court system works.  Believe me when I tell you that it doesn’t work the way you think it would.  Most of the court dates are a waste of time; the court is trying to go over the dates and times that all of the attorneys are available and to see if the court is available at that same time.  Unfortunately, you are talking about three or four attorneys that have a bunch of other cases they are representing and trying, so sometimes, let’s say on October 1st, you’re at your court date and all they attorneys don’t have the same time off until November 5th.  That’s a month of two hours with my son instead of a month closer to being back at my house.
Everyone is working for your children. . . .This is not a true statement, and if you think it is, you might as well sign your kids over to the state now.  The only one that has the best interest of your children is you.  Your attorney might have you and your kid’s best interest in mind if you are paying for one yourself, but if you are going through the county because you have no money for representation; just remember that your kid’s attorney is also working in the same building.  Don’t think for a minute
that they don’t talk to each other and have the case already done before you are at court.  I know, “attorney/client privilege” but do you think they really care? It’s not like they are going to tell on each other and if this gets their work done faster then that’s what gets done.
My case is so strange to me.  It seems that the harder you try to prove your innocence the harder CPS tries to make you guilty.  I have had three different CPS workers on my case.  The first liar supposedly went out
on disability for some type of illness and then they handed my case off to some other liar who was the worst and most disgusting individual I think I have ever come in contact with.  Her entire goal was to just make up lies, no matter what you would say in an interview she would just write whatever she wanted to.  Who does the court believe; some parents on trial for not taking care of their kids or a CPS worker?  I just don’t
know how some of these CPS workers can sleep at night knowing that some children are not with their families due only to the fact that they have made up lies.  Anyway, the second CPS liar was supposedly in a major car accident, either they finally decided to pull her lying ass off of the case or karma took care of what I couldn’t do myself.  This brings us to CPS worker number three, third time’s a charm? Yes, finally a CPS worker with some sort of integrity, at least I hope, I don’t think I will ever fully trust CPS, but I haven’t caught this one in a lie yet.
I have recently had my trial start, it’s been stressful and I’d say horrible. The county lawyers called their witnesses first, and let’s just say, it was two days of feeling like we had lost. We finally got to call witnesses this Friday and I feel a lot better right now.  I see the truth, but does the judge? God, I hope she does, I just can’t believe people’s lies can come to this.  They have destroyed a good family, all because of lies. 
I think of all of the money that I have spent on this court case, and if you multiply that by three for all of the attorneys and maybe double it for all the court costs and police investigation, I bet it we are close to $400,000 for the cost of this whole deal.  What a waste of my money and your money, if the county was so concerned with my child, they should have just given me $200,000 and I could buy a house, and they would have saved around $150,000.  Then our county could put that money to good use by giving it to our schools.   Maybe they should have taken some of that money and used it for investigating the false claim instead of just filing a lawsuit.  I guess they thought it would be cheaper because most hard working Americans can’t afford an attorney and it would be an easy case to try when the county has it’s hands on all of the attorneys.

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