Friday, October 8, 2010

More Court

So I went to court on Thursday, sometimes it just seems like a waste of time, the judge goes over a couple things and then we wait for the next date.  CPS amended their original petition, basically just reworded everything and kept the same petition.  Now my court date has been pushed back to the end of October, and finally we can start calling witnesses. 
County council (CPS's lawyer), from what I have found out has been calling the DA in Contra Costa County and telling him that he needs to file charges on me.  First all these allegations are 100% false, I've also passed a polygraph with one of the best polygraph testers in the country.  You would think that all of this information would make CPS want to check more into who's doing the finger pointing, but no, they just want to be right at any cost, even if it means sending an innocent person to prison for 25 years or breaking a family apart.  The county council also was asking for a c-sars test which from my understanding is an evasive sexual test done on a child, which is pretty much sexual abuse in itself.
At court County council told the judge that he used the term "c-sars" but he just meant that he wanted a psychiatrist to evaluate my son.
This just in!!! While typing this, my wife called me and said that a police officer came by my house and was asked to do a welfare check on my son by the CPS case worker.  I haven't gotten to how my visit went with my son today, but the CPS worker saw him, but now all of a sudden she needs a welfare check.  After all he has seen with his dad getting arrested, this has only caused him more mental anguish. My wife said that he started crying when he saw the officer.  Way to go CPS, you guys truly are for the children!
I can't really think too straight after my phone call from my wife tonight.  I will finish up tomorrow.  I am sorry but this just has mentally drained me. 

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  1. My heart goes out to you. I hope you and your family will be reunited soon.