Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Supervised Visit

Well earlier this week I went to my supervised visit, as you probably read before, it took me two weeks and lots of arm twisting just to get a visit set up.  I was so exited to see my son, but unfortunately that feeling ended quickly once I entered the CFS office.  My son was visually upset and his Grandmother had looked like she had been crying.  I dropped the new toy I had purchased him and went over and hug him so hard.  I asked what was wrong and all he said is that he just wanted me to come home.  I told him that I couldn't do it right now and that I would spend an hour with him right now.  He said that he didn't like that place (CFS Office) and that he just wanted to spend time with me at home.  I told him that I was unable to go home and that if he felt that uncomfortable and if the place made him that scared that he could leave with him Grandmother.  I just wanted to hold him and take him home and be a family again but CFS doesn't care.  They are the ones abusing my child, and my family is the ones trying to pick up the pieces.
Just to put things in perspective, I will tell you a story about being in court with the county lawyer (CFS's Lawyer), Minor's council (my son's lawyer, who doesn't have my son's best interest) and my wife and me and our lawyer.  So they accused me of sneaking over to see my son at night, and my wife was on the witness stand and told the court that our son very much misses his dad and doesn't understand why his dad isn't at home. In order to try to make everything seem as "normal" as possible, we have told our son that I have been on the road working in different areas, and  when he really is upset and crying at night for his daddy, my wife has told him that I had worked late, came home and snuggled him for a while then went to bed, but had to leave early again to be on the road for work.  I thought that our son thinking that his dad did come home might alleviate some stress and anxiety that CFS had actually caused him.  So my wife is on the stand telling this to the court crying her eyes out, and I am sitting down next to our lawyer crying and what does county council blurt out?  He says,"That's child abuse!" Doesn't he even realize what he does day in and day out to these families is child abuse?  They are so quick to make a judgment instead of getting all the facts.  It has been two months and the District Attorney has seen all the evidence and has NOT filed charges, but that doesn't stop CFS, they said they are here to help families, but they have only hurt mine.

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