Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am currently going through a situation that has really opened my eyes to our court , law enforcement, and our Children Family Services systems. 
This blog will concentrate on the Children Family Services government agency that is supposed to protect children from abusive parents and negative environments.
My son was taken from me, or probably better put, I was taken from my son.  The good news is that he still has his mom with him and for that I am grateful.  I unfortunately have been detained from him for a false accusation.  I am guilty in the eyes of the law and the eyes of CFS even before they have truely investigated anything.
I am allowed two, one-hour supervised visits per month with my son whom I have tucked into bed every night of his life for 5 years. I can not talk to him on the phone either, absolutely no contact, only two hours a month supervised.  It took them one month just to get me a visit set up, so the first month was no visitation.  We can't even speak to my son as to why I'm not there, so we have to lie to my son so that he thinks that I'm not there because of my choices and not the courts.  What do you think a 5 year old thinks when his daddy has just up and left him?  CPS doesn't care, I am the enemy that they have their sights on.
Just recently after my first one-hour visit on a Friday, I called again that Monday to set up my next visit only to have to leave a message over and over.  I called the case worker two times, the visit supervisor three times, three supervisors each once that next week, all with no calls back.  The following Monday I called the visit supervisor again and then another supervisor named Peggy.  I did speak to Peggy and she said that someone would call me back. The visit supervisor did and she said that there would be another CFS worker doing my visits now and would call me that next day. 
I called that next day to set up an appointment and left a message.  I wait until the next day and left another message for this new lady to call me back, and again, nothing.  I eventually called Joe Valentine, Employment & Human Services Director for Contra Costa County, and spoke to his secretary.  Thank God for her, she ended up making some calls and I have a visitation appointment this Friday.  Is this really what it takes to get CFS to adhere to their obligations?
This is one of the many reasons that we need CFS reform, this was just one issue about visitation, I will post more info on their investigative tactics and other items later.
I hope this has open your eyes to what this CFS monster is and what they do, I am fighting for my son and it has taken a financial toll on me and my wife.  If you can find it in your heart to donate anything I would greatly appreciate it, thank you to all!

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to bring a case I am dealing with to your attention.
    Please give your support to this family. Maddison is in a critical condition in Sydney childrens hospital.. her FATHER stabbed her through the head and put her to bed to die!!

    Now D.O.C.S have taken all 3 of Kristys children for something that WAS NOT Kristys fault!! Please help us make sure justice is served!