Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Supervised Visits

I have found that it is very difficult to get supervised visits with my son.  Originally I was supposed to get two monthly supervised visits, each being two hours, but the county council put a stop to that really quick.  If they were so into keeping the family together wouldn't they want me to have two hours twice a month with my son?  They changed it to one hour twice a month and the court agreed.  I'm not sure if they decided to change it to two hours a month because they have no staffing at the CPS office or if they were just trying to make my life difficult.
I have spoken to a case worker at the CPS office and when I asked her why it seemed so difficult to get a scheduled visit, my question was, "Do you only have two people working over there that can do supervised visits?"  And her answer was, "Yes, literally."  This brings me to my next thought, do I have limited visitation because they are under staffed or because they think I abuse my son?  Either way, I have missed the first month of my son being in school.  He started kindergarten in August, and even though I waited 5 years for this day like a proud Father, it was ripped away from me.  I get picture messages from my wife of the pictures he has painted, and the homework he has done, but it's not the same.  I miss my son, I wanted to be at home helping him with writing his ABC's, asking how his day went and what new things he has learned? All that is gone for me, all because someone made a false accusation that CPS acted upon never investigating my side of the story.  Innocent until proven guilty? No. Guilty into proven innocent? That's getting closer, but in their mind it's guilty under any circumstances.

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