Thursday, September 23, 2010

District Attorney and the Criminal Case

On Monday, I had to go to court for the Criminal case.  I went to court and I was not on the docket for that day or time.  After my lawyer spoke to the bailiffs and the arresting officer, whom just happened to be there for another case, they said that the were not going to file charges on the case.  My lawyer then handed the arresting officer a polygraph test that I had passed and he said that he would pass it on to the District Attorney.
The sad truth is that I was wrongfully accused of a crime that never happened.  The police did nothing to really investigate my side of the story which I am unaware of why.  I went into the police interrogation thinking that they would listen to my side of the story and then that would be it, unfortunately I soon found out that they were looking for a confession and not my side of the story.
When they started getting in my face telling me that they knew that I was guilty I realized that I needed to protect my rights, and opted for a lawyer, and off to jail they took me.  $200,000 for bail? Are you crazy?   This is all false I thought, but it didn't matter, they "had their man" and it was all my problem now.
This was the beginning of the end for my son's life.  He had just witnessed his father being thrown to the floor and handcuffed, probably ten police officers with shields, rifles and shotguns rummaging through the house.  I would tell my son how the police are here to protect us and that his grandfather was a police officer and they are good people, but now my son is scared of the police.
My son was out playing the other day and a city police officer went to the neighbors house for some reason and my son ran back to his house and cried to his mom that they needed to stay in the house or they would be thrown in jail.  Do they realize what the have done to his poor mind?  It just makes me sick what has been done with absolutely no investigation by the police or CFS. 

Next blog, trying to get a supervised visit through CFS.


  1. Found your blog through the CPS reform site. Your family is in my prayers. We went through a very similar scenario just last year. After fighting for eight months we were finally reunited and CPS is out of our lives.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, unfortunately our stories aren't unique, this happens all the time and the ones that lose out are the children. Thank you for your prayers.