Friday, October 8, 2010

More Court

So I went to court on Thursday, sometimes it just seems like a waste of time, the judge goes over a couple things and then we wait for the next date.  CPS amended their original petition, basically just reworded everything and kept the same petition.  Now my court date has been pushed back to the end of October, and finally we can start calling witnesses. 
County council (CPS's lawyer), from what I have found out has been calling the DA in Contra Costa County and telling him that he needs to file charges on me.  First all these allegations are 100% false, I've also passed a polygraph with one of the best polygraph testers in the country.  You would think that all of this information would make CPS want to check more into who's doing the finger pointing, but no, they just want to be right at any cost, even if it means sending an innocent person to prison for 25 years or breaking a family apart.  The county council also was asking for a c-sars test which from my understanding is an evasive sexual test done on a child, which is pretty much sexual abuse in itself.
At court County council told the judge that he used the term "c-sars" but he just meant that he wanted a psychiatrist to evaluate my son.
This just in!!! While typing this, my wife called me and said that a police officer came by my house and was asked to do a welfare check on my son by the CPS case worker.  I haven't gotten to how my visit went with my son today, but the CPS worker saw him, but now all of a sudden she needs a welfare check.  After all he has seen with his dad getting arrested, this has only caused him more mental anguish. My wife said that he started crying when he saw the officer.  Way to go CPS, you guys truly are for the children!
I can't really think too straight after my phone call from my wife tonight.  I will finish up tomorrow.  I am sorry but this just has mentally drained me. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Supervised Visits are Horrible

I recently had another supervised visit this past Friday, although I love seeing my son, seeing him in this environment is really not the best thing for him.  I can tell that he is nervous with this lady sitting there staring at us and taking notes, he just doesn't act the same.  It's almost like we are on stage putting on a show, you never know what CPS if looking at and how they are going to review us.  I won't know until I go back to court next week and they make up more lies about us. 
The other problem with spending an hour in this crappy  meeting room is that their toy selection is slim-to-none.  They have toys, but pretty much only parts of toys. They have puzzles that are missing pieces, and you don't know until you are almost done with it.  They have games with all sorts of other game pieces mixed in with it.  How do you play Monopoly with one die, four Candyland cards and six Scrabble letters?  It is just very hard to try and be normal with your child when he is stuck in a room that really isn't any fun.  I'm sure all this was written down and put into a report somewhere stating that my son looks unhappy to be in the room with me, when he is in fact upset that I can not go home with him and that all the toys in this room are broken or missing parts.  What can I do? I just try my best to make my son feel safe and happy, but I know it hurts him to have to leave me after only an hour.  I just want my boy and family back, and CPS doesn't care.  If they did care about the family being together, they would have looked at all the facts of the case and made the right decision.  Instead they chose to continue with their original accusation without ever looking at the entire case.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Supervised Visits

I have found that it is very difficult to get supervised visits with my son.  Originally I was supposed to get two monthly supervised visits, each being two hours, but the county council put a stop to that really quick.  If they were so into keeping the family together wouldn't they want me to have two hours twice a month with my son?  They changed it to one hour twice a month and the court agreed.  I'm not sure if they decided to change it to two hours a month because they have no staffing at the CPS office or if they were just trying to make my life difficult.
I have spoken to a case worker at the CPS office and when I asked her why it seemed so difficult to get a scheduled visit, my question was, "Do you only have two people working over there that can do supervised visits?"  And her answer was, "Yes, literally."  This brings me to my next thought, do I have limited visitation because they are under staffed or because they think I abuse my son?  Either way, I have missed the first month of my son being in school.  He started kindergarten in August, and even though I waited 5 years for this day like a proud Father, it was ripped away from me.  I get picture messages from my wife of the pictures he has painted, and the homework he has done, but it's not the same.  I miss my son, I wanted to be at home helping him with writing his ABC's, asking how his day went and what new things he has learned? All that is gone for me, all because someone made a false accusation that CPS acted upon never investigating my side of the story.  Innocent until proven guilty? No. Guilty into proven innocent? That's getting closer, but in their mind it's guilty under any circumstances.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

District Attorney and the Criminal Case

On Monday, I had to go to court for the Criminal case.  I went to court and I was not on the docket for that day or time.  After my lawyer spoke to the bailiffs and the arresting officer, whom just happened to be there for another case, they said that the were not going to file charges on the case.  My lawyer then handed the arresting officer a polygraph test that I had passed and he said that he would pass it on to the District Attorney.
The sad truth is that I was wrongfully accused of a crime that never happened.  The police did nothing to really investigate my side of the story which I am unaware of why.  I went into the police interrogation thinking that they would listen to my side of the story and then that would be it, unfortunately I soon found out that they were looking for a confession and not my side of the story.
When they started getting in my face telling me that they knew that I was guilty I realized that I needed to protect my rights, and opted for a lawyer, and off to jail they took me.  $200,000 for bail? Are you crazy?   This is all false I thought, but it didn't matter, they "had their man" and it was all my problem now.
This was the beginning of the end for my son's life.  He had just witnessed his father being thrown to the floor and handcuffed, probably ten police officers with shields, rifles and shotguns rummaging through the house.  I would tell my son how the police are here to protect us and that his grandfather was a police officer and they are good people, but now my son is scared of the police.
My son was out playing the other day and a city police officer went to the neighbors house for some reason and my son ran back to his house and cried to his mom that they needed to stay in the house or they would be thrown in jail.  Do they realize what the have done to his poor mind?  It just makes me sick what has been done with absolutely no investigation by the police or CFS. 

Next blog, trying to get a supervised visit through CFS.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Supervised Visit

Well earlier this week I went to my supervised visit, as you probably read before, it took me two weeks and lots of arm twisting just to get a visit set up.  I was so exited to see my son, but unfortunately that feeling ended quickly once I entered the CFS office.  My son was visually upset and his Grandmother had looked like she had been crying.  I dropped the new toy I had purchased him and went over and hug him so hard.  I asked what was wrong and all he said is that he just wanted me to come home.  I told him that I couldn't do it right now and that I would spend an hour with him right now.  He said that he didn't like that place (CFS Office) and that he just wanted to spend time with me at home.  I told him that I was unable to go home and that if he felt that uncomfortable and if the place made him that scared that he could leave with him Grandmother.  I just wanted to hold him and take him home and be a family again but CFS doesn't care.  They are the ones abusing my child, and my family is the ones trying to pick up the pieces.
Just to put things in perspective, I will tell you a story about being in court with the county lawyer (CFS's Lawyer), Minor's council (my son's lawyer, who doesn't have my son's best interest) and my wife and me and our lawyer.  So they accused me of sneaking over to see my son at night, and my wife was on the witness stand and told the court that our son very much misses his dad and doesn't understand why his dad isn't at home. In order to try to make everything seem as "normal" as possible, we have told our son that I have been on the road working in different areas, and  when he really is upset and crying at night for his daddy, my wife has told him that I had worked late, came home and snuggled him for a while then went to bed, but had to leave early again to be on the road for work.  I thought that our son thinking that his dad did come home might alleviate some stress and anxiety that CFS had actually caused him.  So my wife is on the stand telling this to the court crying her eyes out, and I am sitting down next to our lawyer crying and what does county council blurt out?  He says,"That's child abuse!" Doesn't he even realize what he does day in and day out to these families is child abuse?  They are so quick to make a judgment instead of getting all the facts.  It has been two months and the District Attorney has seen all the evidence and has NOT filed charges, but that doesn't stop CFS, they said they are here to help families, but they have only hurt mine.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am currently going through a situation that has really opened my eyes to our court , law enforcement, and our Children Family Services systems. 
This blog will concentrate on the Children Family Services government agency that is supposed to protect children from abusive parents and negative environments.
My son was taken from me, or probably better put, I was taken from my son.  The good news is that he still has his mom with him and for that I am grateful.  I unfortunately have been detained from him for a false accusation.  I am guilty in the eyes of the law and the eyes of CFS even before they have truely investigated anything.
I am allowed two, one-hour supervised visits per month with my son whom I have tucked into bed every night of his life for 5 years. I can not talk to him on the phone either, absolutely no contact, only two hours a month supervised.  It took them one month just to get me a visit set up, so the first month was no visitation.  We can't even speak to my son as to why I'm not there, so we have to lie to my son so that he thinks that I'm not there because of my choices and not the courts.  What do you think a 5 year old thinks when his daddy has just up and left him?  CPS doesn't care, I am the enemy that they have their sights on.
Just recently after my first one-hour visit on a Friday, I called again that Monday to set up my next visit only to have to leave a message over and over.  I called the case worker two times, the visit supervisor three times, three supervisors each once that next week, all with no calls back.  The following Monday I called the visit supervisor again and then another supervisor named Peggy.  I did speak to Peggy and she said that someone would call me back. The visit supervisor did and she said that there would be another CFS worker doing my visits now and would call me that next day. 
I called that next day to set up an appointment and left a message.  I wait until the next day and left another message for this new lady to call me back, and again, nothing.  I eventually called Joe Valentine, Employment & Human Services Director for Contra Costa County, and spoke to his secretary.  Thank God for her, she ended up making some calls and I have a visitation appointment this Friday.  Is this really what it takes to get CFS to adhere to their obligations?
This is one of the many reasons that we need CFS reform, this was just one issue about visitation, I will post more info on their investigative tactics and other items later.
I hope this has open your eyes to what this CFS monster is and what they do, I am fighting for my son and it has taken a financial toll on me and my wife.  If you can find it in your heart to donate anything I would greatly appreciate it, thank you to all!